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Why We are Different

Unlike other players in the industry, GGI is solely focused in the development of Zero Clients, Thin clients & Mini PC Technology.
This focus allows us to excel at the products we provide and the extraordinary service we offer to our customers

Low Power Consumption

Compare to the 110 watts or more by a typical PC, the zero clients consume only 5 watts and produce much less heat.

Maintaince Free

With no failure-prone parts and desktop-related problems, unplanned endpoint downtime is greatly reduced. Even when turn faulty, the zero client can be placed, helping the user back to work in seconds.

Centralized Management

There is nothing for IT to configure, manage, or update at the endpoint. All installations, patches & updates are done on a single host.

Protecting Environment

Without any storage and fan, zero clients makes no noise when running. Consuming much less energy and produces much less heat and e-waste when compared to standard PCs.

Easy Provisioning

Deploying hundreds of workstations can be a few hours compared to days or weeks with PCs. A new workstation can be setup in seconds.

Enhancing Security

vMatrix allows IT staff to apply security policies, monitor, and remotely disable any end user. With no risk of data loss or virus infaction.

About Us

GGI is among few who introduced economical VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions, widely known as shared computing in India. GGI prides itself in being one of the only companies whose sole focus is in Zero Clients and Thin Clients, which allows us to provide a truly unique level of personal service and customization that is a rare to find in the industry. We offer a multitude of custom embedding options and hardware configurations to ensure our devices are tailor-made to fit seamlessly into the environments of our customers.

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Looking for a secure and reliable zero or thin client solution for your VDI needs? Try out the powerful, industry leading line of GGI Zero, Thin Client & Mini PC solutions, tailor-made to fit your company's needs. Our hardware is VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft RDS ready and designed to handle the most demanding computing tasks, including a broad range of 3D and multimedia applications.

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